• 1920

    Hung brothers founded wooden oil expeller in Shalu to refine peanut oil and sesame oil.


    The company named as Chia-Fa Industry and registered “Fwusow” as trade mark. Established formula feed plant to produce livestock and poultry formula feeds.


    Signed technique cooperation contract with Nippon Formula Feed Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (livestock feed)


    Founded “Fwusow Society Benefit Foundation” with the belief of “taking from the society, giving back to society,” positively managed and participated in various social charity

  • 1980

    Established Feeds Manufacture Head Plant (livestock feed manufactory, grinder manufactory, grain ripeness manufactory, animal nutriment manufactory and sub materials refinery.)


    Established Oil manufactory in Taichung Harbor plant (Taichung Port Guan Lien Industrial Park)


    Mr. Bing-Huang Hung became 3th president, and cooperated with Cargill Japan Ltd. and Nippon Formula Feed Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (pet food)


    Established Food and sesame refinery in Taichung Harbor Plant, and produced vegan meats, Cerear grain food series and sesame oil series.

  • 1990

    Both oil and food plants in Taichung Harbor plant were certified for GMP quality management system

    Corporate stock was permitted by Securities and Exchange Commission to publish officially


    Sesame refinery was the first national plant which is honored by GMP quality management system

    Reinvested in Xiamen, China, and established “Xiamen Fwusow Food Co., Ltd.”


    Reinvested in Fwusow Xin Industry Co, and built Taipei business center


    Lugang Biotech plant was founded in Changhua Coastal Industrial Park

    The Head plant and Taichung Harbor Plant were certified for ISO 9002 Certification

  • 2000

    Engaged in Pet foods B2B and B2B2C E-commerce and worked with Pethouse (www.pethouse.com.tw) as strategic Alliance


    Lugang biotechnology fertilizer manufactory was certified for ISO 9002 as the first national organic fertilizer plant to get the certificate, and earned “Excellent” quality control


    Bonito flake product in Taichung Harbor plant was certified for HACCP assurance

    Signed industrial cooperation and authorization techniques in developing “Bacillus thuringiensis subsp Kurstaki E911” with Taiwan Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute Council of Agriculture (TACTRI/COA)


    Latest Pet food plant completed and officially started production, and certified for ISO 22000:2005 food safety management system verification

  • 2012

    Annual revenue exceed ten billions


    All series of products and production lines in Taichung Harbor plant were certified for ISO 22000 and HACCP


    Established Fwusow Market to provide the well-qualified product and kindest service and earn customer satisfaction by listening and fulfill the need of customers

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