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Organic culture fertilizer 4-2-6

Product Description

The registration certificate number: 0085078

The fertilizer type/number: Mixture organic fertilizer/5-12

Raw materials and resource: Castor seed meal, rape seed meal, coconut meal, sesame meal and plant ash

Registered ingredients:

Total Nitrogen(N)


Available Phosphate(P2O5)


Soluble Potash(K2O)


Organic matter


pH value: 7.9

Product property: solid, pellet

Packaged weight: 0.6、0.7、0.8、1、2、5、10、20、25、30、40、50、400、500、600、800、1000、1200 KG

Application methods:

1. The product is organic fertilizer contains plant oil seed meal, organic plant ash, without any livestock manures, and applies for basal application and top dressing. Product use for improve soil physical and chemical properties, enhance soil nutrition efficiency.

2. Application for rice, fruits, vegetables, cereal plants, economic crop and horticulture, especially for rice cultivation, which improve the rice growth and enhance the rice production yield and quality.


3. Place on the surface of soil and incorporated into the soil with a plough or rototiller before planting. Fertilizer can also be applied in bands at the bottom of plough furrows or broadcast or spread on top of ploughed soil that is then worked into the soil before planting.

Recommended dosage is different depend on the crops, species, soil properties, soil fertility, weather and plant growth phase.

Normal dosage as follow: (unit: kg/0.1ha or kg/plant)



Fruit tree

Cereal plants

Economic crop




80-400 kg/0.1ha

2-10 kg/plant



50-200 g/m2

Attention: This product is designed for plant growth. Make sure all products are stored carefully. Keep away from food, feed and out of reach of children and livestock animals

The expiration date: 2 years

Manufacturing location: Taiwan

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