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Phosphate-soluble bacteria fertilizer

Product Description

The registration certificate number: 0085091

The fertilizer type/number: Phosphate-soluble bacteria fertilizer/4-42 (Liquid miscellaneous micronutrient fertilizer/4-42)

Raw materials and resource: Urea, Monoammonium Phosphate, Potassium Nitrate, Magnesium Sulfate, Natto Amino Acid, Seaweed Extract

Registered ingredients:

Total Nitrogen(N)


Water-soluble Phosphate


Water-soluble Potassium


Water-soluble Magnesium


Product property: Liquid

Packaged weight: 0.1、0.2、0.25、0.5、0.6、1、2、3.785、5、10、20、25 Liter

Application methods:

1. Available for all kind of crops like fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, foliage plants and turf.

2. Basal application by fertigation and top dressing by fertigation or Foliar application.

3. Dilute with water according to the recommended concentration.

Recommended dosage: Recommended dosage is different depend on the crops, species, soil properties, soil fertility, weather and plant growth phase.


Soil irrigation(2-3 times/month)

Soil irrigation(pot or cut flower)


Foliar application

For 100L water

200-330 mL

120-150 mL

Under 150 mL

100-120 mL

Dilution Rate



Under 650X



A. This product is designed for plant growth. Make sure all products are stored carefully. Keep away from food, feed and out of reach of children and livestock animals.

B. The product should be applied as foliar application during the cold period. It is recommended to reduce the concentration and increase the frequency of fertilization.

C. Shake evenly before application to avoid precipitation of active ingredients.

D. It is allowable to apply with pesticides together except the alkaline pesticides for avoiding fertility reduction and foliar damage.

The expiration date: 2 years

Manufacturing location: Taiwan

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