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Yao-Kun Hung president

Since Fwusow Industry group initially started up its oil product using wooden expeller, the company has faithfully followed up on its commitment over 92 years. With assiduity working and fearlessly positive attitude, we pursue improvement for the quality of life and food toward customers. To promote agriculture industry, the company has explored harmless and non-toxic bio-tech fertilizers product; and to expand the business into biotechnology, we has created more appropriate animal and aquarium feeds. Showing great foresight of international perspective toward all-round development, Fwusow Industry introduces newer and better products and enhances itself into a highly competitive position. Additionally, the value of “Food so Good” is the ambition for Fwusow employees.

Quality and technology are the foundation of our business. Introducing and developing talents ensure our unwavering progress. Research and development provides aspiration to scale new heights. Seeking extraordinary and integrating into global community are our future vision and expectation. Looking to the future, Fwusow Industry will establish and operate a broader global platform combining industrial, governmental and academic profession, and devote to improving product manufacture and accommodating with the demand of environmental protection. Started from each link of corporate management, we control pollution and energy saving resource, actively create advanced green products, and engage in green industry by developing Green Corporation for Fwusow new era.

Komazawa University Business Management Department
Tamkang University Graduate institute of Asian studies Master
Central Union Oil Corporation Chairman
Executive Director
Taiwan Federation of Industry Director

Fwusow Industry business management system

Upholding “Quality first and customer first” as our service policy, Fwusow Industry responds to current market demands and constantly changing global, political and economic scenarios, and strengthens operational risk management. The head administration division manages various works such as poised to fully integrate all resources, enhance rationalization of workflow, and implement executive management.。

Regarding “Green Industry” as medium-term business objective, the company implements the mission of “providing healthy and safe food to customers” with five core industries ‘Formula Feeds,’ ‘Pet Food,’ ‘Cooking Oil,’ ‘Grain Food’ and ‘Organic Fertilizer’. At the same time, Fwusow Industry arranges to build an organic farm to produce green agriculture products, and develops organic farm forward tourism in the future for traditional industry expanding a new motivated growth。