地址:(73542) 台南市下營區大屯里89-9號


The Main Feed Factory The Head Office

Address: Taichung City Shalu District Sha Tin Road 45

Tel: 04-26362111

The Main Feed Factory includes Poultry and Livestock Feed Plant, Supplementary Feed Plant, Special Feed Plant and Barley Feed Plant. The Poultry and Livestock Feed Plant contains the Supplementary Feed and Cattle Feed Sub-Plants. The Supplementary Feed Plant is an additive manufacturing plant. The Special Feed Plant contains the Aquatic Feed and Pet Food Sub-Plants. The Barley Plant contains the Refined Barley and Barley Feed Sub-Plants. Each sub-plant is installed with the newest machines and facilities, so that from raw material to packaging, each processing step is fully automated by computerized central control system to guarantee precise percentage of each ingredient, consistency of quality, and high productivity. In addition, the Main Feed Factory has gained ISO-9001 certificate.


地址:(80143) 高雄市七賢二路334號

電話:07-2113161     傳真:07-2510410


地址:(50562) 彰化縣鹿港鎮海埔里海埔巷106之6號

電話:04-7762208    傳真:04-7762208

The Taipei Business Center

Address: Five workers Wugu District, New Taipei City Road 145 8 F

Tel: 02-22980601

The Taipei Business Center is located in Wu-ku industry zone of Taipei county, which is responsible for the sales activity at northern Taiwan and is a logistic center of Taipei metropolitan area. Products include all product serials and items of the company; especially the activity of planning retail channel throughout Taiwan as a whole, contributes a lot to company’s operation, expansion and customer service.

Taipei Office

Address: Taipei Ningbo West Street 72 4 F

Phone: (02) 2393-2241


地址:(52049) 彰化縣田中鎮大崙里興酪路三段2巷30號

電話:04-8763210    傳真:04-8763211


地址:(30446) 新竹縣新豐鄉後湖村五鄰94之1號

電話:03-5686875    傳真:03-5686887


地址:(64070) 雲林縣斗六市竹圍路31之25號


地址:(64070) 雲林縣斗六市竹圍路31之23號


地址:(95873) 台東縣池上鄉仁愛路45號

電話:089-862336    傳真:089-862755

Nantou Farm

Address: Long Road Chungliao Shuang Wen Village, Nantou County, No. 152

Tel: 04-26362111

The Kaohsiung Factory

Address: 60 North Bridge District, Kaohsiung City successfully No.

Phone: 07-6113311-7

The Kaohsiung Factory originally belonged to Chia Fha-Chang Agric. Chemistry Co., Ltd. and was incorporated with Fwusow Corp. in 2003. The Kaohsiung Factory is located in Chiou–to of Kaohsiung county. In the beginning, the Feed Plant was founded to produce feed. In 1983, the Nanton Livestock Research Farm was established, which engaged in propagating breeding pigs and feeding research, and in 1988, the Aquatic Feed and Barley Plants were established, which produced poultry, livestock and aquatic feeds, barley and cooked-grain products.

The Bio-Fertilizer Factory of Lugan

Address: 7 Lukang, Changhua County, the town of Deer Road Workers

Tel: 04-7810159

The quality of living has upgraded and the agriculture has developed toward delicate for recent years. In order to increase soil fertility, improve crop quality, and to be adapted to the trend of 「everlasting agriculture」 and 「organic agriculture」, Fwusow’s organic fertilizer products have been launched to the markets since 1993.

The Lugan Fertilizer Factory is established in the Chang-Hua Coastal industrial zone in 1997, and is positioned as Bio-Fertilizer Factory, which is the first one that gained ISO-9001 certificate. The Lugan Fertilizer Factory adopts biotechnology and modern automation facilities in producing high quality fertilizers and agricultural material products, which is the most professional producer for organic fertilizer and organic based complex fertilizer. The products include microorganism bio-functional fertilizer, mixed organic fertilizer, organic complex fertilizer, vegetable dreg fertilizer, instant complex fertilizer, hobby gardening fertilizer, cultivating media and imported gardening material. The qualities are excellent and receive affirmations from our customers.

The products are manufactured using the recipes of high nitrogen, phosphor or potassium and the effects of quick and slow releases, which are based on the physical, chemical and biological properties and the nutrition needs of crops. In addition, part of the products are added with beneficial microorganisms which would enhance decomposition of organic matters, dissolving phosphor and crop growth, protect the root and increase the resistibility to adverse circumstance, meanwhile activating the soil, and with biological curing effect.


The Main Food Factory of Taichung Harbor

Address: Taichung self Wuqi District Road 98

Tel: 04-26393124

The Main Food Factory includes Soy-bean Oil Plant, Sesame Oil Plant, Food Plant and Aquatic Food Processing Plant. Oil production in the Soy-bean Oil Plant has removed to the Central Union oil company, which after oils have been produced, they are packaged and sold under individuals’ brands. The quality of the Fwusow brand salad oil is stable, reaches international standard and has earned CNS label, FGMP certificate and ISO-9001 recognition.

The Food Plant adopts extrusion cooking facility, which after extrusion cooking process, the products are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals that would provide the benefits of balanced nutrition and easy digestion for human body. The Food Plant produces Fwusow Textured Soy Protein, Cerear Breakfast Cereal, Nutritious Muesli, and Natural Cereal Products. The Food Plant has gained FGMP recognition and ISO-9001 certificate. The Sesame Oil Plant adopts advanced electrical temperature-control equipment in producing Fwusow Sesame Oil, which doesn’t have the defect of over-burning that conventional toasting process would result in. The quality is stable. The Fwusow Sesame Oil tastes no bitter but fragrant and is the first one that gained FGMP recognition in Taiwan.

Salu Center

Address: Taichung City Shalu District Sha Tin Road 45

Tel: 04-26362111